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CSAR Seminar 2024

Sept. 15-20, Rosholt, Wisconsin

Join 100+ handlers for a 5-day search dog seminar in scenic  Wisconsin this autumn. Choose between Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced workshops in Trailing, Area Search (Air Scenting), Human Remains Detection (Cadaver) and Water Recovery.

ILLWIS Search Dogs will host the seminar at Wisconsin Lions Camp. This beautiful 440-acre property includes a 45-acre lake.

Train Monday through Thursday!

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Beginner: Rob Glinka
Intermediate: Kevin Kidwell
Advanced: Charlie Douthett & Jason Greene
Advanced: Jamie & Corbin Hodge
Urban: Robin Houston & Todd Raak

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Human Remains
Beginning: Kathy Newman
Intermediate: Su Vondazak Anderson &
Karen Scobbie
Advanced A: Jo Huxel & Deana Haney
Advanced B: Kathleen Kelsey & Sue Vieth

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Area Search
Beginner: Chad Crary
Intermediate: Kathy Yelton & Angie Crary
Advanced: Shay Cook & Kayla Hardin

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Beg/Intermediate: Lisa Higgins
Advanced: Jennifer Hirakawa

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Canine Good Citizen
Here's your chance to get your AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate on your dog. 

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Evening Lectures
Relax with new friends during informative evening lectures.

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Modern Facility
Comfortable cabins with AC and heat. In-cabin bathrooms. Beautiful grounds. Scenic Wisconsin in autumn.

3834 County Rd A, Rosholt, WI 54473

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